Security Guards Services

Security Survey of Premises:

It is of paramount importance to carry out a thorough survey of the premises before accepting the responsibility to provide security service. The survey shall focus inter alia on threat and other weakness of the premises. The survey shall also suggest type of security requirement at the premises. A copy of the survey shall be given to the customer for his perusal. The survey helps the dealing officer to take decision as to what type of guards / supervisors to be deployed at that premises.

The guards are trained and divided into various categories and are being deployed for the followings:

  • General Guard:
    These guards are given basic and advanced training at our Training School to perform duties at Embassies, Business Houses, Factories, Offices, Banks and Schools.
  • Cash Related Services Guard:
    These guards are highly trained in Cash-in-Transit duties. Because of their professionalism, Protection One has earned the confidence of the customers in this field of business.
  • Technical Guard:
    Technical guards undergo special training to monitor various security devices, light archway metal detector, CCTV, etc. Technical guards also perform the duties of emergency response team.
  • General Guard (Female):
    Protection One is an equal opportunity employer. Protection One encourages employment of female guards. Female guards usually serve in the day shift duties.

Recruitment and Training:

  • Recruitment:
    Recruitment is a continuous process. Protection One Recruiting Team tours various parts of the country to select suitable candidates. Specific standard has been set by Protection One authorities for various grades of security operators. All candidates are subjected to background check (by local Chairman) authenticated by law enforcing agencies (local Police) and office representing local govt.
  • Medical Checks:
    Candidates before enrolment with Protection One undergo a medical check-up. Only those found fit are sent to Training School.
  • Training:
    After our selection process is completed, the recruited personnel are sent to our training centers. Presently we are maintaining one training center co-located with our Operational Headquarters; located at Plot # 48 , Road # 02 , Banani, Dhaka where candidates of various grades are trained by qualified Instructors according to the syllabus designed for each grades. It may be relevant to add here that training imparted by qualified instructors of purely defense background.

    The main purpose of this training is to impart discipline and skill to our trainees to enable them to perform security duties professionally. Duration of the basic course is 15 / 21 working days. Five theoretical classes are conducted daily starting from 0830 hours to 1145 hours. The syllabus of theoretical classes covers the duties of guards while deployed in house, office, factories, stores, and banks. They are also trained on visitor’s identification, gate pass, post-order, electronics security equipment, First-aids, traffic signaling, fire fighting, religions education (aimed to motivation on security duties) and fundamental English words. Security Guards are also trained on practical drill; especially saluting, fire fighting, traffic control, first-aid etc. During the training period every guard will be given 10 / 15 practical duties, covering day / night, along with experienced guard at their post of duty. This OJT is given prior to final deployment.
  • Refreshers course:
    Beside the basic training, Protection One arranges refreshers training for the security personnel time to time line in order to improve the standard of security services.

Briefing and motivation:

  • Detailing officer:
    Both detailing officers and zone In-charges shall brief a guard / supervisor before sending him on duty at particular location. The briefing shall include the specific and general requirements of the post. Guards who are suitable and motivated shall be sent to that location. Zone In-charge shall visit the guard when he is actually performing duty so as to help and encourage him.
  • Zone In-charge:
    The guards performing duty at any location shall come under a zone in-charge who is responsible for that area. Zone In-charge shall also be in touch with the customer to understand his needs.
  • Post Order:
    Guard Operation Division shall prepare a post order outlining the instructions to the guards / supervisor for that specific post. The post order shall be kept at a place easily accessible to security guards or supervisor so that they can always check their duties and responsibilities with the post order whenever in doubt. New instructions also can be included in the Post order whenever necessary.
  • Inspections:
    In our new system of supervision, guards on duty shall fall under the operational control of one of the zone In-charges in Dhaka. Zone In-charges shall visit the post and watch the guards about their performances daily. This system keeps the zone In-charges abreast with the activities of the post without any break.
Checks shall be carried out during day and night by motor and bicycles mounted checkers. Surprise checks shall be carried out by Manager / General Operation at least twice in a week.

24 Hours Operation Control Room

To provide effective and satisfactory services to our customers, we have well established “Operation Control Room” which remains open for 24 hours including holidays. The Control Room manned by well experienced officer to address customer’s complaint. The control room is also backed by vehicle/motorcycle, mobile set and the landline telephones. Following are the numbers to reach Control Room at any moment.

Telephone Number: +8802-9897957

Mobile Number: +8801755551912

+88017155551915 - 1919