Cash Carrying Division

Cash Related Services:

With the continuous economic development in Bangladesh, the number and scale of operation of Banks and other Financial Institutions are rapidly increasing. Consequently, the need for secured transportation of cash and other valuables from one place to another are increasing significantly. To cater the need, there are already a number of Security Service Providers doing business successfully. We are for more than 2 years in the industry having highly skilled & long 18 years experienced Management Team, operating with 27th CIT vehicle with Bank & Industries and are aiming to capture a significant market share. Protection One (Pvt.) Ltd. shall provide safe and secured transfer of cash/valuables of Bank, Financial Institutions, Manufacturing Industries, Govt. & Non-Govt. organizations, Foreign Embassies and Organizations.

Operating Procedure

a. Cash Carrying Team

  • i. Team Leader: is a Uniformed Officer of Protection One (Pvt.) Ltd, who previously served as JCOs/NCOs in the Armed Forces Division of Bangladesh and especially experienced/ trained for Cash-in-Transit Operation.
  • ii. Guards: Minimum two trained Uniformed Guard detailed for Cash-in-Transit duty.
  • iii. Driver: An experienced, Uniformed Driver with valid license and trained in Cash-in-Transit Operation.
  • iv. Verification: Antecedents of all Cash Carrying Members shall be verified by authentic sources.
  • v. Training: All the team members shall be trained in counter hijacking, hand-to-hand combat and standard security operational procedures of Banks and Financial Institutions.
  • vi. Uniform/Gears: All team members shall wear uniforms with accessories. The Supervisor / guards shall be trained in handling arms. Supervisor / Guard shall be in possession of one firearm with sufficient number of cartridges.
  • vii. Identity Card: All members of the Cash Carrying Team have to be in possession - on of Company Identity Card issued by the Management of the Protection One to establish the authenticity.
  • viii. Duty Card: All member of the Cash-in-Transit team are to be in-possession of operational duty card in addition to respective company identity card.

b. Cash Carrying Vehicle

At the very outset we have selected NOAH / HIACE microbus or double cabin PICKUP for carrying cash because of the following reasons:

  • Availability of spare parts
  • Less maintenance cost
  • Quick expansion of the fleet
  • Better visibility and accessibility among the team members
  • More space for maneuvering the gun during encounter

Having selected the vehicle we have reinforced it to withstand the threats which have been visualized by our experts. As such two layer of resistance have been created against any attack. Those are:

  • The metallic body of the vehicle itself
  • Reinforcing the metallic body with bullet resistant cross fiber thick ply wood.

For glass area entire portion has been film coated which does not allow the bullet to pierce through. Generally it has been seen that the attacks to the vehicle comes in the following way:

  • Creating barricade on the way
  • By throwing bombs in front of the vehicle or shooting from the side ways
  • Generally such situations take place outside the crowded city. Because by stopping the vehicle the miscreants will have significantly longer time to take out the cash loaded trunk. The vehicle gives a good visibility among the crewmember; what is happening to whom and what action is taken by each other; this activity as known as giving each other visual cover. If the crewmembers are compartmented they won’t know what is happening.

For outside the crowded city we generally deploy additional motorcycle rider as escort who keeps the route ahead under observation.
Beside all the measures mentioned above we have additional grill covering the glass portion of the vehicle, so that the effects of rioting and mob violence is minimized and it becomes difficult for the miscreants to break the glass and open the door lock for entering inside the Cash-in-Transit vehicle.
For outside the crowded city we generally deploy additional motorcycle rider as escort who keeps the route ahead under observation.

  • The vehicles are fitted with Burglar Alarms, special locks, chains and other devices to deter miscreants.
  • The “Hold” of the vehicles is reinforced and hooks have been installed to strap the containers / trunk containing cash / valuables and documents. All C-I-T vehicles are equipped with communication network facilities – centrally guided and monitored from the Protection One Control Room.
  • Should there be any disturbance en-route (political or otherwise) the vehicle carrying cash shall return to the starting point / Protection One Control Room / nearest Police Station and will move out only on clearance from Protection One Control Room.
  • All vehicles are comprehensively insured.
  • Should a vehicle become unserviceable during an ongoing operation, Protection One shall provide a replacement upon receiving such information with minimal time lapse.
  • The vehicles are fitted with firefighting equipment.

c. Cash-In-Transit Operation

  • i. Command: Command of the vehicle shall remain with the team leader in respect to following the route given by CIT control room. In case a deviation becomes necessary the team leader shall communicate with Control Room and follow instructions.
  • ii. Fraternity: During the operation nobody other than those on duty shall be allowed to travel with the vehicle without prior permission of the Control Room.
  • iii. Cash-in-Transit Control Room: Every Cash-in-Transit operation shall be controlled by the Control Room by issuing duty slip, special identity card, briefing of route, allocation of time, monitoring of the movement.